Friday, June 28, 2019

Show Notes, Issue Zero – "The Great Struggle"

Ladies and gentlemen!

Salutations and welcome to Show Notes: where each issue is a report, and each report is attached to a multimedia project of sorts, which will be a video or a podcast/audio-only version of said video, to provide some kind of wordy guidance. First and foremost, I should explain the purpose of the Write Knight Studio: it's just a title for my media projects, something I thought would be catchy enough to tease everyone's imagination. However, hopefully, this will present me as a defender of creative ideas, but time will tell.

With all of that out of the way, let me provide a report for WriteTalk, Episode Zero: WriteTalk is a series which is apart of the Write Knight Studio, which will involve footage of me writing while I talk about my thoughts regarding writing, fiction, and creativity in general. In this episode, I am figuring out how to start the first story of Hard-Boiled Slammers story, which wasn't my best work admittedly, but more on that later. To start, I shall apologize if the audio synch is a little out of whack: trying to synch video with the audio of typing is a bit tough and I don't think I will try synching it manually again. Also, for whatever reason, OBS didn't want to capture the document window to it's fullest, or I might've screwed something up in sizing it. What's more, I apologize for the wonky audio of the second half: might've been due to my tinkering or my distance from the mic; either way, I should've done another take for that second part or not tampered with tit at all. And last, but not least, I don't know why the words don't look as clear as I tried to make them, and I was aiming for the best possible quality of recording. Learning experiences and whatnot. I do think everything went fairly well, though not well enough for me to realize the title of this series would actually be, which is why this is Episode Zero and not the first one.

Now, onto the fun stuff, which will be about the links I will be provided after concluding this report. Each link will either lead you to something relevant related to me and my work, or the links will be a kind of necessary reference for what I discussed in the project. First batch of links will connect you to the Hard-Boiled Slammers story written for this project, which is called “The Rest Is Easy”. The rest will lead you to my site in general, my social media, and my e-books. In addition, I'll also provide links to Scrivener, in case anyone is interested in using the word processor, I quite like it personally. And then, I shall give a link that will lead you to a work by Raymond Chandler, to provide an example of the hard-boiled style. Lastly, I will give links to references like The Legend of Sleepy Hallow (Not called Ichabod Crane, that's the main character), an Alfred Hitchcock film I'd recommend watching, and Citizen Kane. I think that's everything covered...

Finally, I want to thank you for bearing with me, and do hope things will get better with time, but if I'm being honest, I hope the quality of my writing improves more than the quality of these videos and such. Please feel free to leave a comment, if liking or disliking isn't apt in expressing yourself, or purchase one of my ebooks and provide ratings/reviews there. Thank you again, though, and I hope to earn your patronage one day.

Mike Whitacre


Mike Whitacre Links:

Reference And Other Links

The Lady Vanishes, Alfred Hitchcock:

Please let me know if there's any reference I forgot to provide a link to. I'll be sure to recommend other channels and/or videos in the future as well, if I can.

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