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Update (Edit Notice):

The Crooked Pieces stories have all been given slight edits, though still amateurish they may be, but a few things should look right-ish now.

Also, apologies in order: A specific vigilante, who shows up in more than one story on Crooked Pieces, is no longer called Snare. Instead, he's called Bleak Knight. Just felt better, as "Snare" didn't quite hit the mark. Bleak Knight, however, kind of personifies his Dickensian-spirit nature (also a reference to Bleak House, a book a seriously need to finish reading at some point), and at the same time, it nods at the importance his helmet. For some odd reason, whenever I hear knight, the first thing that pops up is those very impractical-to-sight helmets, which were - nonetheless - very cool.


That is all. Carry on to the Disclaimer.

- Mike Whitacre


Disclaimer Letter:


The following is to inform you: All blog posts are fiction and created from the sole imagination of me [Mike Whitacre], the author. Unless stated otherwise, the works published within the Posts section will not be connected to the reality beyond their medium, unless stated otherwise.

Mike Whitacre
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